A Matter Of Seconds To Break-in

At a time when homes will be filling up with Christmas gifts for family and friends, millions of households across Britain are at risk of being broken into within a matter of seconds. 

The problem, is caused by euro cylinder locks, which are typically fitted as standard in all UPVC and other double-glazed doors. 

Analysis of burglaries in West Yorkshire last December revealed that a staggering 27 per cent had been committed by criminals using a technique called 'lock snapping'.

These locks are literally snapped in two - a process that requires no specialist tools or knowledge and can be completed in as little as 13 seconds. 


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So what can I do to protect my home? 

  • The danger of Lock Snapping is hugely reduced if the cylinder on your door has very little protruding out of the handle or is completely flush with the handle (on the outside). 
  • If your cylinder protrudes more than around 3 to 5 mm, it is advisable to replace it with a cylinder that is the correct size for your door. 
  • The simple rule is to look at your cylinder and see if there is enough protruding out of the handle to clamp onto. 
  • Euro cylinders come in many sizes and are usually offset. 
  • This means that one side of the lock is longer than the other. 
  • They are measured from the centre to either end, for example 35/45 that is 35mm one side and 45mm the other. 
  • So if your cylinder is protruding 10mm out of your handle you would need to buy one 10mm shorter on that side. 

The Best Deterrent of Lock Snapping: 

  • Anti-snap cylinders are a fairly new type of Euro Cylinder and are the best defence against Lock Snapping. 
  • They work by having a purposely designed weak point roughly half way down the outside of the cylinder. 
  • In the event of an attempted Lock Snapping, the weak point fails and leaves the lock still in place and is almost impossible to break into. 
  • The very best examples of this type of security cylinder can still be used after an attempted attack.
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