Picture of Skimming Suspect

Devon and Cornwall Police are warning the public to be on their guard against card skimming devices attached to bank machines by fraudsters.

The warning follows recent incidents in the Force area where skimming/cloning devices have been recovered from ATMs.
In the last few weeks there have been several "Skimming" offences at bank machines across Torbay, Teignbridge and Plymouth.
Police urge all members of the public to be extra vigilant when using their cards at bank ATMs, and in particular when they are inputting their PIN number into machines.
People using machines enter their details and the machine either states it has dispensed the cash or there is a fault and no money is forthcoming.
Also a device discovered at a scene has been seized and is subject to forensic testing.
Police seize skimming equipment
Police advise anyone experiencing a machine failing to dispense cash or anything suspicious to stay at the machine and alert the bank or police by phone or by asking a friend or someone nearby to do so on their behalf.
Should you have any information that may assist us in investigating this matter please contact Devon and Cornwall Police on 08452 777 444.