Reassurance To Parents About House Build

A growing numbers of parents tell Heart they will take their children out of a South Devon primary school unless builders of a new houses do something about possible clouds of toxic dust.

They're not against the development at the former gas works site at Hollicombe - But just want to make sure building doesn't go ahead until the cleanup is shown to be completely safe.

In a statement from Linden Homes:

Following the positive determination of our planning application for the Former Gasworks at Hollicombe in 2011, we were asked to produce an Environmental Impact Assessment after a request from those objecting to the development.  

This has now been completed, using the detailed scope provided by the Secretary of State.  Linden Homes have always been keen to reassure the local community that our proposed work to clean the site is both safe and appropriate. 

Two separate Independent experts appointed to review our strategy have concluded that it is safe and appropriate to mitigate potential risks and would not put the local community at risk. 

The Environmental statement now prepared confirms beyond doubt that this is the case. 

The construction health and safety plan and mitigation measures that will be implemented during remediation will ensure that any potential risks associated with the cleaning up operation will be controlled by the adoption of proven, industry-leading construction practices including the installation of a boundary dust and odour control system and real-time dust monitoring in key locations. 

We will continue to take the advice of all relevant experts and do everything necessary to ensure that the site is cleaned for the benefit of the community in the safest possible way.