Ten of Torbay's Beaches Ban Dogs

From May 1st dog bans come into force on ten of Torbay's beaches.

It will last until 30th September with owners who ignore it fined up to £500.

The beaches affected are Breakwater, Broadsands, Corbyn Head, Goodrington Sands (south), Hollicombe, Meadfoot (south-western part), Oddicombe, Paignton Sands, Preseton Sands and Torre Abbey Sands.

Frances Hughes, Executive Head of Community Safety, said: "Torbay’s beaches are among the best in the country, and to make sure that they are as clean and as safe as possible during the busy summer period, dogs will be banned from ten of our beaches.

"The summer dog ban on some of our beaches is not new, and Torbay still offers a variety of beaches during the summer, where dogs are very welcome.

"The council has a duty to balance the needs of dog owners and non-dog owners alike, which at times can be difficult.

"Dog owners require plenty of space where they can have the freedom to walk and play with their dog. Other people also require areas where they can relax without being interrupted by dogs which are off the lead, and enjoy without being concerned about dog faeces."

The beaches where dogs are allowed during the summer are Ansteys Cove, Babbacombe Beach, Beacon Cove, Churston Cove, Elberry Cove, Fairy Cove, Fishcombe Cove, Institute Beach, Goodrington Sands (North), Livermead Sands, Meadfoot Beach (North-eastern part), Oyster Cove, Peaked Tor Cove, Saltern Cove, Shoalstone Beach and St Mary’s Bay, Maidencombe and Watcombe. 

Tara Fowler, Community Protection Service Manager, said: "Unfortunately, some dog owners think that they don’t have to pick up after their dog if they are on a beach, but this is not the case. On or off the beach, it is against the law to leave dog faeces in a public place and the council will continue to take action against those who show a complete lack of respect for other people and our environment.

"A lot of dog owners like taking their dog to the beach as it is a great place for them to play and explore. We hope that dog owners will continue to use the fantastic beaches which are open to dogs this summer but also to respect the rules, and the reasons for those rules, in terms of dog ban beaches.

"Whether dogs are on or off the beaches this summer, we would like to remind owners that in Torbay, bagged dog poo can be disposed of using a red dog bin or any public litter bin. Although some people don’t like the idea of dog faeces being put into a litter bin, the council would prefer that it was bagged and in a bin, rather than on the floor."