Thousands Raised for Cancer Charity

A Torbay man, whose grand-daughter is battling cancer, is now helping raise thousands of pounds for a local cancer charity.

Colin Stone from Marldon wanted to thank CLIC Sargent for the help it offered his family after 9 year old Miah was diagnosed and rushed to Bristol for treatment: "keeping the family together is important and CLIC Sargent has a support house that is very close to the hospital and the family stayed in that house, being there to support Miah."

Colin's brother has done a zip-wire between two mountains as part of the fundraising and Colin himself has shaved off all his hair to match his grand-daughter - which he says he won't grow back until Miah is in remission and can grow hers back too.

Colin says she is staying strong: "Miah is very positive she has extreme lows after chemotherapy but she bounces back and is really as bubbly as ever"

To listen to the interview with Colin CLICK HERE

You can find out more about CLIC Sargent here

Colin shaved his head at a fund-raising event recently at Tesco Lee Mill called 'Be Bold, Go Bald', and added "I wish to say thank you to all the people who helped make it such a success."
"My work colleague Richard Gary Taylor (hairdresser), Melissa & Amanda (beauticians), Mike Crowe (photographer), all the staff at Tesco, Vikki & Chrissie, and my wife Maggie."