Torbay: Drunks To Be Turned Away

Christmas revellers will be turned away from Torquay nightspots if they arrive at the door already drunk.

23 of the resort's busiest pubs, clubs and bars, will have breathalysers that door staff can use to turn away drunken revellers, its aimed at reducing the amount of alcohol fuelled violent crime. 

Each premises will be able to set its own upper limit but, in general, anyone giving a reading more than twice the drink-drive limit may be refused entry by door staff, who have been trained by police to use equipment normally used for roadside breath tests. 

In Torquay 20 per cent of all violence against the person is attributable to the evening and night time economy and the majority of these offences happen in the harbourside area Police have increased patrols in the area and work with partner agencies but now want to work more closely with licensees who identify pre-loading as the biggest contributor to alcohol related violence. 

And while drunks bring significant costs to licensed premises, figures show they spend as little as £7 per head when they do get in. 

Police will also be out on the streets at violence hot spots where they will tackle binge drinking by issuing warnings to those heavily under the influence of alcohol, and asking the worst offenders to leave town centres.