Torbay's Tourism Boost

Torbay Mayor, Gordon Oliver, has announced plans to plough an extra £250,000 into tourism marketing, inward investment and attracting and supporting maritime events.

At the Mayor's request Torbay Development Agency, working in partnership with the English Riviera Tourism Company, has produced a report which will go to full council on 29 September and, if the money is approved, plans will be drawn up across the three areas to further support existing strategies.

In terms of tourism marketing support, this is likely to mean a national TV campaign in New Year. This will support and be aligned to the existing tourism marketing strategy for the 2012 season, and will air in the identified key target TV regions for the Bay.

As a precursor to the marketing support for 2012, a new 30 second TV advertisement with a postcard theme will be running from Monday 12 September to Sunday 9 October  to encourage late breaks on the English Riviera.