Unhelpful Rumours In Devon Lay-by Rape

Devon police tell Heart that speculation and 'inaccurate' rumours on social media sites regarding the rape of a woman in a Paignton lay-by could hamper the investigation.

Police have issued a photograph of the Peugeot Estate vehicle used by the victim and ask that anyone who saw this vehicle in Blagdon Road on Friday 21st October between 3.00pm and 3.30pm to contact them.

The victim of the alleged rape is a woman in her 30’s and the suspect is described as being a white man, approximately 6’ in height and stocky build.

Police are aware of a number of rumours and speculation circulating on social media sites at the moment regarding the alleged rape which are inaccurate and can distort the truth. Police advise that this can be unhelpful to the investigation.

Police say that the investigation team are treating this allegation seriously and have substantial resources allocated to it.

Stranger rape is a rare occurrence and every effort is being made to bring the investigation to a satisfactory conclusion.