All about Claire

Claire is one of Heart's broadcast journalists, you can find out all about her here...

I’m Claire Gibbard and I read the news on Heart Breakfast, but most importantly I put up with Matt every weekday morning from 6am – 10am.
I got my first job in radio when I was still a student at Bournemouth University in 2006. I was the dogsbody of the news team running around Oxford chasing stories. After finishing my degree I went to a station in Berkshire where I co-presented and read the news on the Breakfast show for a year and a half. I started at Heart on August 17th this year. Being new to the area I’m still exploring Torbay and South Devon but already fallen in love with it.  A couple of my favourite hotspots include Cockington, Daddyhole Plain, and Meadfoot. 
Quirky facts no-one needed to know but she's told us anyway...
Claire's family call her ‘Boots’ as she used to wear pink booties when she was a baby

Claire can't sing a single note in tune but admits she's considered auditioning for X factor just so she can hug Dermot O'leary

She secretly aspires to be a streetfighter and just started going to Body Combat classes

She has more fancy dress outfits in her wardrobe than normal clothes

She’s already known as Calamity Claire in the office after banging her head on the ceiling and ending up in A&E

She likes to think she’s a bit posh as she originally comes from Oxfordshire

Some of the first CDs she ever bought were Smurfs go pop and Eternal