Heart Breakfast with Matt Rogan

"I have been coming to South Devon on holiday every single year since I can remember. Until the age of 12 we had a caravan in Beesands, then my dad bought some weeks at a timeshare on the top of the hill at Kingswear, which overlooks the whole of Dartmouth and is my favourite place in the world. I have always considered Devon my second home, and so excited and happy to be working down here now".

You can hear Matt Rogan every weekday morning between 6am and 10am on Heart Breakfast.

Matt's podcast: 

Matt and Claire have put together their first podcast for you to enjoy. February 1st: Listen to Matt and Claires podcast here

Matt's secrets:

What's the worst job you've ever had? -  Working in a postroom at a mobile phone company where people used to call me “postboy”.

What's your favourite website?www.youtube.com

On my nights off you'll mostly find me in - The Drum in Cockington or Coombe Cellars in Newton Abbot

What was your favourite TV program when you were a kid? - Knightrider.

What was the first record you ever bought? – 2 unlimited and no limit (have I really admitted that?).

What would be your desert island disc? – My own mp3 disc of mellow tunes I have recorded, mainly 80’s love songs (have I admitted that too?).

 Where is your favourite place in the world? – Top of the hill at Kingswear hill at my holiday home overlooking the Dart

If you entered the London Olympics which sport would you compete in? – Tennis.

Would you snog a tramp for a thousand quid? – Probably.

Name one thing you are really passionate about – My job

If you weren't doing this you'd be – Handing out the Big Issue.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up? – Cry because it’s so early.

What's your fave tipple? – Bud or Vodka and Red Bull or JTO( orange and passion fruit).

White out or heat wave? – White out.

Flip flops or Birkenstocks? – Birkenstocks.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? – Harry Potter.