Matt takes his driving test .. AGAIN !

So the driving test is set to be overhauled so candidates learn how to deal with 'real life' situations on the road.
Instead of simply being prompted at every stage by the examiner, learner drivers will be briefed on a journey they have to remember.

This brought up the subject of my driving and how all my friends seem to think that I'm a bad driver .. so this week with thanks to Peppers School of Motoring I plan to prove to Claire and everyone else who doubts my skills that there is no problem by retaking my test.

I've been driving for 15 years this year so when I took my test there was no theory or hazard tests ... so not only will I plan to take those as well .. just to prove a point.



Ok as Meatloaf once sang " two out of three ain't bad "

Well I passed my Hazard test and my practical but I have to say I am pretty gutted that I didn't quite pass my theory as I needed 43 but only got 37 out of 50 !