Matt's Fit Club

We're constantly bombarded with health advice, "eat this", "don't eat that", "do this exercise", "don't do that".

We were confused over the amount of conflicting information we seem to get inundated with - so now, there’s a place to come to help sort all of it out, Matt's Fit Club.

Most of us will say "I need to lose a few pounds", "I'd like to be a bit fitter" or "I want to eat more healthily". You may even want to train for a specific event.

Our Fit Club is designed to provide simple, no fuss, easy to follow advice to get you in better shape whilst making it fun - and we promise it'll be a lycra-free zone. Over the coming weeks we will give you very simple exercises and techniques that don't need any equipment and you can do even while your at home or sat at a desk at work

With the help & guidance of Simon we're gonna get you moving!

Here on our fit club pages we will answer your questions and dish out some more great advice to help get you active and in better shape! If you've got any tips or advice, let us know using the form below and we can share them with everybody else