A Minute To Win It


This morning Leanne Busby from kingsteignton got all 10 questions right and bagged herself the £1000!!!


These were the questions:


Who plays Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City?

Sarah Jessica Parker

Which castle near Totnes is said to be haunted by " The White Lady "

Berry Pomeroy

Spell  H  I  E  R  A  R  C  H  Y

Who did Kevin Federline used to be married to?

Britney Spears 

Whose new single is called 'All The Lovers'?

Kylie Minogue 

Which month is Father's day in?


What colour are you not supposed to put in front of a bull?


 Who sang 'Bat Out Of hell?


 In which year did the Queen come to the throne? 


Which Australian supermodel is known as The Body?

Elle Macpherson