More about Rick

Heart Drivetime is presented by Rick Edwards, it's a great mix of fantastic music with all the regular traffic and travel news that helps you all get home each evening.

We asked him to tell us what brought him to Devon and what are some of his likes and dislikes.

"After spending the formative years of my life in Essex I could not resist the call of the Westcountry and my family roots and found myself working in Torquay. I started working here four and a half years ago working on the Breakfast Show. After deciding I needed my morning sleep, I moved on to the daytime line-up.

We have also had some great things to of the best has to be going on stage at Powderham castle with Busted - very cool".

 All you ever wanted to ask Rick:

What's the worst job you've ever had? I had to put Christmas trees in cement and deliver them to restaurants in London.

What's your favourite website? you Tube and Google video....there is hours of fun there.

What do you love about living in Torquay? It's hard to say one thing, the whole place is so great. I love living near the sea so I can just chill out and go and watch the waves (sad eh?).

What do you loathe about living in Torquay? I can't believe you asked me that......but maybe parking.

What's your favourite tipple? CIDER.

What was the first record you ever bought? Abba - One Of Us.

What would be your desert island disc? Something very long so I wouldn't get bored of it too quickly.

Where is your favourite place in the world? - Apart from Torquay? Las Vegas.


What's your favourite mode of transport? Helicopter. or any form of sports car

Name one thing you are really passionate about - My fiance, and my job 

If you weren't doing this you'd be - A fighter pilot or an astronaught or something that paid me loads of money. I have always fancied a job as an international playboy millionaire.