114 Welsh Children Treated For Dog Bites

9 September 2014, 17:39 | Updated: 9 September 2014, 17:44

More than 100 children in Wales were treated in hospital last year after being bitten by dogs.

The figures come from a Public Health Wales report which also finds child death rates are significantly higher in our most deprived areas.

Health officials are issuing a fresh warning for parents and dog owners not to leave children on their own with their pets.

Dr Ciaran Humphreys wrote the report: 

"You can just imagine some of the scenarios that people are faced with. It must be one of the greatest tragedies - a child you love, a dog you love - often both involved.

"Young children tend to go close to dogs, they tend to interpret their behaviour from their face but not notice what's going on with their tail or the rest of the body.

"They are much more lilely to be bitten on the face or on the head.

Public Health Wales and the Welsh Government are looking at issuing advice about dogs to new parents.

Dr Ciaran told us: "We felt that when midwives come to see the family before the baby is born - that's probably a good opportunity to talk to parents about the circumstances the child will be born into and general safety issues.

"At that point your're focussed on how to do the best for your child."