20 MPH Zones To Be Enforced Across Wales

12 September 2014, 17:32 | Updated: 12 September 2014, 17:35

A campaign is starting to make sure drivers reduce their speed outside schools across Wales.

20 mile an hour zones are in place but Heart's hearing people often ignore them.

For the next few weeks - road safety officers will be outside schools to make sure we stick to the limit.

Figures show if you knock someone down at 30 miles an hour there's a 20 percent chance they'll die - but that reduces to just 2 percent if you drop your speed to 20.

Lollipop lady Natasha says speeding drivers are real problem: "I think it's terrible.  They go so fast, they can't stop for me - they don't want to stop for me. There is no need for them to be going that fast, is there?"

Catrin Nicholas is the Headteacher at Llechyfedach Community Primary School. She said there is no excuse for people to break the speed limit outside schools: "It's pretty obvious, really. It's been a 20 mile an hour zone for a while.

"The signs are obvious, we've got the bumps in the road but some people take no notice and just whizz past."