Anti-NATO Protesters Arrive In Newport

Anti-NATO protesters have set up a "peace camp" in south Wales.

It's thought thousands of campaigners will be staying at Tredegar Park over the next week, to show their opposition to 60 of the world's most powerful leaders.

They're calling for an end to war in places like Gaza and Ukraine and want help given to those caught in the middle of conflict there.

Some arrived last night to make themselves at home and prepare for the week ahead.

Marion from Bristol says she wants to make people realise how "aggressive" NATO is:

"I hope to draw people's attention to what NATO really does"

"They call it defence, but they're attacking countries all over the world"

"The way they're acting actually prevents peace".

The site just outside of Newport City Centre's been equipped with toilets, showers and kitchens to house people from all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Joseph told Heart he's come all the way from the US:

"Every time NATO holds a Summit, there are protests...this is my fourth one"

"Among other things it serves to help build public awareness and that's the foundation of any kind of social and political change".

The first demonstration's being held on Saturday, with a march through the city centre.

Nearly 10,000 police officers have been drafted in to help with security over the next week.