Calls for more foster carers in Wales

8 September 2014, 16:45 | Updated: 8 September 2014, 16:46

Wales needs more foster carers to stop brothers and sisters being split up.

Action for Children says in the last year just over 40 percent of youngsters placed in care were separated from their siblings.

The charity says it's difficult enough for children being put into foster care - without them being split up from loved ones.

It can affect their emotional and mental health and they are also more likely to have problems in the future - like struggling to find a job or turning to alcohol and drugs.

Stacey Burnett is head of fostering for Action for Children. She said: "We need carers who have more than one bedroom spare that children are able to sleep in.

"We also need carers with lots of energy to look after sibling groups. As you know, children need a lot of looking after and we need people with lots of energy and resiliance.

"There's a huge amount of worry for children when they're separated. They worry about how their brothers and sisters are doing, are they being well looked after safe and that really impacts on every aspect of their life - going into school, being able to focus on their school work.

"Having a supportive relationship with a brother or sister is really important for children to become healthy, well adjusted adults."

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