Calls To Scrap School Assessments

HEART's being told literacy and numeracy tests in schools are putting children under too much pressure.

The National Union of Teachers in Wales wants annual exams for 7 to 14-year-olds to be scrapped - after results from a survey found pupils aren't coping.

Owen Hathway's the organisation's Policy Officer and says some findings are quite shocking:

"Children have become disengaged with education, some have lashed out in class, some have refused to come to school"

"In one instance we've heard of a child that has given up eating for a period of time because they've been so stressed"

NUT Cymru say they've had countless calls from parents too about how unhappy they are with the assesments, something that contradicts a statement from the Welsh Government:

"We will look at what the NUT send on to us, but we know these tests have been welcomed by parents of all age groups right across Wales"

"The best way to ensure learners make regular progress is to make sure they never fall behind"

"This can only be achieved through rigorous monitoring and assessment of a pupil's progress which is  why we introduced our reading and numeracy tests"

"The tests and the data they provide are fundamental to raising standards in Wales and schools can use  the diagnostic information from the tests to identify learners' strengths and areas for development"

"This means that a school can  intervene if a pupil is falling behind, and also stretch the more able pupils".