Delays After Air Traffic Control Strike

24 June 2014, 17:08 | Updated: 24 June 2014, 17:16

Thousands of people have been caught up in disruption at airports after a strike by French air traffic control staff.

Flights from Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester airports have been delayed or cancelled.

Hayley from Swansea is part of a group of 10 travelling to Majorca. She said: "We are all disappointed because we thought we'd be halfway there by now but we're not - we're stuck outside Cardiff Airport."

Warren from Bridgend had to wait a few hours for the Alicante flight.  He said it's had an impact on his plans:  "We arranged to meet friends out there and we aren't going to get to our hotel til 8 or 9 o clock tonight."

We could see problems up until Sunday.

John Horne is the Chief Executive at Cardiff Airport.  He said: "Air traffic control is looking at all the options and the airlines are looking at all the route options so that they can minimse the disruption for passengers"

He's said he's hopeful things will improve over the next few days: "I guess that coping with that unusual situation will improve and hopefully what will happen is that those delays won't be so bad but we are doing everything we can to make sure people are as inconvenienced as little as possible".

Those who are delayed could be entitled to refunds.

Ilana Rapaport is from ABTA: "For EU based airlines, if there's a delay of 2-3 hours then you are offered refreshments.

"If it then extends to 5 hours then you can have a refund of the ticket price or you're offered a re-routed fare."

The advice is to check with your airline before you travel.