Increased rail prices AGAIN

19 August 2014, 17:40 | Updated: 19 August 2014, 17:53

The Welsh Government's telling HEART it'll look whether ticket prices for Arriva trains Wales services should go up.

It's after it was announced ticket prices for journeys through England could go up by as much as 5.5%.

Rail passengers will see the average price of their tickets increase by 3.5% from January.

The current formula also allows rail companies to increase some fares by an extra 2%, meaning that tickets could go up by more than 5%.

Cardiff commuters tell HEART they're worried and are already looking for alternatives, with some saying the bus services will be more appealing as it cheaper.

Protests were held against the rises this morning at many stations across the country including Pembroke Dock station.

Campaigners are complaining the increase far outstrips wage rises.

Lynn Collins represents some of Britain's Biggest Unions - she says rail services need to be de-privatised.

The hike in price would result in some people paying hundreds of pounds more a year.

Transport commentator Christian Wolmar says its not just rail users that will be affected. He says...

‘Even those people who are driving in and don’t use the train are benefitted from those using the train as they’re not clogging up the road.’

We will not know the actual fares until the next year as rail companies are still unsure about how the rises will be spread.