Millions To Boost Standards At Welsh Schools

1 May 2014, 15:01 | Updated: 5 May 2014, 15:11

20 million pounds is being spent on trying to raise standards at some of our poorest performing schools.

The Welsh Government has selected 40 secondary schools across Wales to take part in Schools Challenge Cymru.

It's hoped comprehensives will see a difference in pupils grades over the next two years - thanks to the extra support.

Education Minister Huw Lewis told Heart the programme will see schools working with those which are showing best practise.

"These schools will be part of a wider family which may include highly sucessful schools.  We'll be turning to them and says we'd very much like you to work alongside and learn from each other.

"We know that this is a proven programme.

"It's been undertaken in London and Manchester previously and we're using experts with experience in those programmes to inform us.

"We know that in a year or two we should expect to see a game changing improvement."

The 40 schools include 5 in north Wales - 3 in Wrexham, 1 in Flintshire and one on Anglesey.

Joy Ballard is the Head Teacher at Willows High School in Cardiff which will be taking part in Schools Challenge Cymru.

She told Heart: "For us our biggest problem, in spite of our improvement, is repairing the issues kids have got with their literacy skills.

"We'll be making sure that we put on literacy programmes - particulary with writing as we've done a lot around reading - so that we can push our pupils even further forward."