Murco Talks Break Down

5 November 2014, 17:03 | Updated: 5 November 2014, 17:11

Heart is being told the Murco Oil Refinery deal falling through is a huge blow to Pembrokeshire.

400 jobs in Milford Haven are at risk again after talks with Swiss company Klesh Group collapsed.

Secretary of State for Wales and Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb has described it as a "hammerblow" to the people of Milford Haven and the local economy.

He told Heart the UK and Welsh Government have done all they can. He said: "Hardly a week has gone by during that time when myself and Edwina Hart haven't been on the phone talking about this.

"Absolutely everything that could have been done from the government side has been done."

It's understood the oil refinery will be shut down while Murco looks for another buyer.

The site will continue to run as oil import terminal - but redundancies are still likely.