New Rankings For Welsh Schools

Mums and dads in Wales can now have a look at how their children’s school is rated.

The Welsh Government has launched a new colour-coded ranking to replace the old, controversial “banding” system.

It puts Primary and Secondary schools in categories from green to red – green being the highest and red needing the most improvement.

In between are the yellow and amber categories, naming effective schools and those that need some improvement.

Education Minister Huw Lewis says it’ll encourage better performance:

"My focus on driving up performance for pupils from deprived background is at the heart of Categorisation which is why no secondary school can achieve the highest green category unless they are also delivering for those pupils eligible for free school meals.

"Ultimately this is about driving up standards and performance in all Welsh schools and for all Welsh pupils."

However, unions have criticised the changes saying schools are being put under more pressure.

Mum-of-three Louise Kirton from Caerphilly’s also sceptical:

“I don’t think it should be the be all and end all as to why you should choose that school for your child.

“I think you also need to go by word of mouth and what other parents at that school think.”

You can check how your child’s school measures up here: