Parents In Wales Need To Be Savvy Online

7 May 2014, 06:00

Wales' Children's Commissioner says parents need to be more involved in their child's online life.

Keith Towler says mums and dads have a responsibility to be clued up about the latest apps and websites so they can better protect their kids.

He's been speaking to Heart as he prepares to stand down next spring after 7 years in the role.

He says tackling digital technology and making sure children are safe online remains one of the biggest challenges.

He told Heart: "Children are genuinely excited about the opportunities that are afforded to them online. There's no doubt in my mind that this will bring quite a significant challenge for the new Commissioner - to think through how we keep pace with technology and look at technology's impact on childhood."

He added while often children may be more savvy about the latest gadgets, parents must be one step ahead to help keep them safe: "You don't do that in any other aspect of a child's life.

"You don't expose a child to crossing the street without showing them how to navigate their way through that safely.

"Parents and carers have the same responsibility with digital technology.

"Parents need to embrace that technology if their children or grandchildren are getting involved in it. That's part and parcel of modern parental responsibility.

"It's challenging but you've got to engage in it because if you don't you could be ignoring a difficult situation."