Tougher Punishments For Careless Drivers

Road safety charity Brake has revealed fines for “carless driving” and speeding are issued every 10 minutes in Wales.

New figures show 111 people were killed on Welsh roads last year and more than 1,000 were seriously injured.

On December 13th, 49-year-old Gary Williams from Pontypridd died after being knocked down by an elderly man.

His son Chris says his family is still coming to terms with his death:

“He was such an integral part of the family. He was the perfect role model”

“My  mum is still struggling at the moment”.

Gary was walking across a Pelican crossing when he was hit by 86-year-old John James.

He was taken to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital where he died shortly after the collision.

James received a one year driving ban, a 56 day electronic tag and court fines.

Chris says he wants to see harsher punishments:

“A car is as dangerous as a gun in the wrong hands”

“If the law stiffens up and harsher penalites are in forced, it might make people think”.

But Brake says it’s not that simple.

Gary Rae from the charity claims it’s getting harder to police roads:

“Resource is an issue”

“Along with other public services, money is tight and specialist officers are particulary under pressure at the moment”.

Brake’s launched a new campaign to run alongside Road Safety Week.

It’s urging drivers to take extra care and look out for vulnerable road users.