We "Make Some Noise" To Help Children

9 October 2014, 17:05 | Updated: 9 October 2014, 17:08

Heart has been making some noise with Wales' biggest choir to help raise money for sick and disadvantaged children here

Around 180 people have gathered in Cardiff Bay to sing Welsh hymn Cwm Rhondda - or Bread of Heaven.

1 year old Alice can't see very well or move about properly after she was born with fluid on the brain.

Her mum Hannah tells us the hospice is a lifeline for them. She said: "When we came out of hospital we came and stayed here for two weeks and they helped us learn everything we needed to know to look after Alice ourselves.

"Since then we've come back here for respite twice.

"We come and either leave her here on her own - or we can stay and other people will look after her."

We're also supporting the Noah's Ark Appeal - which raises money for the Children's Hospital of Wales.

Leon Fear is the chairman of Cowbridge Male Voice Choir. He said: "With Singing Cwm Rhondda/Bread of Heaven - if I had a couple of coppers for every time I've sung that in the last 17 years with the choir, I'd be quite rich now! Obviously it's also what Welsh choirs are most well known for singing so it's fantastic."

Keith Davies has been a member of the choir for 20 years. He said it's great to help young people: "Knowing that so many children are suffering and that the money will go directly to helping them it means a lot ot us and to me, personally".

Check out makesomenoise.com to find out how you can get involved.>>