Welsh children write to NATO world leaders

3 September 2014, 15:11 | Updated: 3 September 2014, 17:38

Welsh primary school children tell HEART they want world peace and an end to starvation.

Thirty - nine and ten year olds have written postcards to NATO's world leaders of what they want changed in the future.

The children’s messages include...

‘When I am older I want to live in a world of peace with no wars, no arguing and no bullying.

When I’m grown up I hope everyone will be treated equally no matter the colour of their skin.

By the time I grow up I want to see an end to racism.

In the future I hope there are no wars and everyone can live in peace.’

The First Minister Carwyn Jones met the children this morning on the steps of the Senydd in Cardiff Bay.

The children were asked what they would like to have changed in the world by the time they're adults.

The thirty children were chosen from schools across Wales including Ysgol Pencae in Cardiff and Mount Pleasant in Newport.

Schools in North Wales were also given the chance.

Nia Connah from Ysgol Terrig Treuddyn in Flintshire says...

‘They are all so excited.

The beginning of term and they didn’t have to go to school and they’re coming to Cardiff.

They are all quite excited that their messages could be read by Barrack Obama and it’s just a general honour for them to be here.’

Parents were also thrilled by the opportunity, Elin Jones mum of nine year old Huw Jones who wants an end to racism says...

‘I think they are very excited and I think it’s something that will stay with them...it’s a very memorable experience.’

A reception hosted by the Prince of Wales tomorrow will allow five children from each school to personally deliver their postcards.

Barrack Obama and David Cameron will be in the crowd at the Celtic Manor where the children will be reading their messages.