Welsh Doctor Out Of Ebola Quarantine

A doctor from Cardiff has gone back to work - after fears she may have had Ebola.

Nathalie MacDermott - who works at Swansea's Singleton Hospital - was in Liberia doing charity work.

There were concerns she had exposure to the virus after two of her colleagues caught the disease.

Nathalie tells Heart they still don't know how or why her workmates fell ill:

"Identifying where Kent and Nancy contracted the disease from was very difficult and we're still not entirely clear."

"There were no protocol breaches, but because we couldn't identify how, that potentially meant I may have made contact with the person who made contact with them."

Nathalie put herself in isolation in her flat after she was flown home and she couldn't have contact with anyone for three weeks.

She says she relied on Skype and Face Time:

"It was very difficult. I had three weeks to sit in my apartment and think about things."

"Two of my friends were getting married and they humoured me by allowing me to Face Time into their wedding to watch it, which was wonderful".

The 32-year-old saw more than 90 patients die and says the Ebola epidemic is a "ticking time-bomb".

She says her ordeal hasn't put her off going back one day though:

"I'm happy to be home but at the same time much of my heart is still in Liberia."

"To see the situation there spiralling out of control and feeling like I could still be helping and I could still be doing something, makes me want to go back".