Welsh doctors join air ambulances

29 September 2014, 17:14 | Updated: 29 September 2014, 17:20

We're being told a new emergency service will help seriously ill people get the care they need quicker.

From next April, specialist doctors will be part of Wales Air Ambulance crews - treating patients in the air.

It's predicted survival rates from major injuries could be improved by 40%.

Dr Kyle Jacques is the vice chair of the Wales Air Ambulance and is also an A&E consultant. He said: "If they need an anasthetic, if they need supportive treatment - we'll be using all the same drugs we use in hospital and we'll even be bringing blood on board.

"We're looking at shorter times in hospital, shorter ITU stays and people becoming fully functional, back at home with their families a lot quicker because we got to them early on - before damage started to happen."

Mum Bridget James from Aberystwyth has experienced first hand how important the air ambulance is.

Her daughter Elain was born with a heart conditition and at 12 weeks had to be rushed to Cardiff for treatment.

She says putting doctors on board is a big step forward: "Paramedics are amazing.

"They do such a good job and they're qualified to a very high standard as well but I think there are a lot of things that doctors can do that paramedics can't and I think to have that peace of mind during transportation is priceless."

The Welsh Government's putting aside almost £2m to set the service up - with another £2.8m to run it.