Heart Listener Wins Lottery Jackpot

A Heart listener from Holyhead is celebrating a million pound lottery win!

Wayne Hughes, 34, found out late Monday night that he was a winner after his mum checked his ticket and called him up with the good news.

Disbelieving Wayne raced over to her house and checked and double checked his ticket on Teletext.  After realising he was indeed a millionaire, he didn't know what to do with the ticket to keep it safe.

He says: "I didn't believe it at first, but as it was so late, I hid the ticket in an old CD box till the morning.  I still can't believe I am a winner - it seems completely unreal".


As well as moving out of his rented flat to buy a brand new house, Wayne is planning on treating his family and friends.  He is going to buy a new car and is hoping to go to University to study IT.

Wayne, who is currently single, adds: "Having this money means I can go to study without any worries about where the cash will come from.  I will still keep working as a Section Leader in Wilkinson's - even if I look to reduce the hours while I study".

"I really want to go on holiday and may just turn up at the airport to get the first flight out of the UK."


Wayne's been telling us he loves Heart and listens regularly! 

Champagne and Celebrations

You Watch Wayne celebrating his win in the video below, and watch our reporter get COVERED in champagne!