No plans for Wales hosepipe ban

Welsh Water say there are no plans to bring in a hosepipe ban after one was announced by United Utilities in the North West of England.

Welsh Water say while customers need to be sensible with water this summer they are not planning restrictions.

United Utilities are bringing in the first ban for 14 years because reservoir levels there are low with the driest start to the year since 1929.

A spokesperson for Welsh Water said:

"On average, our reservoirs are around 70% full, which is still satisfactory for the time of year.

"As the warm weather is forecast to continue, it is important that we do everything we can to ensure that we conserve our water resources.

"The current drier, warmer weather has seen demand for tap water in places increase by around 50% - mainly as a result of garden watering, sprinklers in particular - a sprinkler uses more water in an hour than a family would typically use in two days.

"This is why we're reminding customers that whilst the dry weather brings with it lots of sunshine for people to enjoy, water efficiency is something in which everyone can play a part."