North Wales Tribute to Wootton Bassett

65 musicians from North Wales will travel to Wooton Bassett in Wiltshire in September.

Esmor Davies from Buckley is organising the trip - he's volunteered to arrange a weekend of Welsh concerts and events in the town.

He's been to visit several times and is inspired by the people:

"I feel in my heart that they're an amazing part of our nation - there's so much we can thank them for - they've been so kind to these families that have lost loved ones".

[[[Land of Song]]]

Esmor says that holding a concert is a very Welsh way of saying thanks:

"Wales is the land of song.  The people of North Wales will get together and give them a musical feast and a thanksgiving feast because they've been outstanding - and have really helped these unfortunate people".

Esmor is funding the trip himself - and is giving £6000 from his own funds to make sure the concert happens.

The North Wales Rugby Choir and singers Ann Atkinson, Gwawr Edwards and Aled Davies have all said they'll come along.


Esmor's inviting anyone in the North West and Wales who've been affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to contribute by writing a letter of thanks to the people of Wooton Bassett for supporting the fallen troops every time they're repatriated.

"If there's anything you want me to pass on - any messages - let me know and I'll make sure the Council opens them on behalf of the town", he told Heart.


Esmor would like to build a permanent memorial in the town to remind people there of how grateful the people of North Wales are.

If anyone would like to contribute financially to the memorial they can ring him on 01244 541791 or on 07877292394.  They're the numbers to ring for any other information or to help in any other way.