Rhyl High School praised for anti-bullying work

Children at a High school in North Wales have been recognised for the work they've done in the community to prevent and stop bullying by winning the 'Princess Diana' award for anti bullying.

A group of year 10 students at Rhyl high school give up their time to run a support group to help students who might be having difficulty with their homework or feeling a bit of an outsider.

The students also go into Primary Schools and talks to parents and children about coming to high school.

14 year old Chloe Swan says:

"It makes me proud because I've helped many people who are feeling bullied or having trouble in school because when I was in Year 7 I thought that homework was a bit hard. But I helped myself through it, now I know that I can help others too.'

15 year old Alex Lightfoot says:

"It's important to me as I know how difficult it was when I first started school. So it's great to help people and give them support if they need it with homework or bullying."