Titanic 100th Anniversary - Grandson of Commander on ship

Titanic 3D may be a box office hit again after it's re-release but there's one man that won't be watching.

John Harold Lowe from Deganwy, North Wales has never seen James Cameron's blockbuster despite his grandfather plays a pivitol role in the film.

Harold Lowe also from Deganwy was the fifth officer on the fated ship and reportedly the only commander that returned in his lifeboat to look for survivors.

Lowe managed to pull four people from the freezing water during his solo rescue mission.

100 years to the date and the welshmans bravery has been honoured with a plaque outside the house that he lived in and one that his grandson still does.

Heart went along to speak to John Harold Lowe about what kind of man his grandfather was and how the events of that night shaped his life forever.