"Wall-E" lookalike checks Welsh Water

A water company is using a robot that looks like animated film star Wall-E to check for quality levels in their reservoirs.

Welsh Water have started using the VR-600 to check their supplies in North and South Wales.

It's designed by a company called Panton McLeod and is used to check water quality across Wales.

Sales and Operations director at Panton McLeod Paul Henderson said:

"We inspect the inside of the reservoirs to check they are still good enough quality to hold drinking water.

"The robot has a camera and lights and initially does a condition survey to check the condition of the concrete, water tightness and any sediment on the floor."

So is the fact the robot looks like Wall-E just a co-incidence?  Paul added:

"It has a stark resemblance to Wall-E but our machine was around long before Wall-E."