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Couldn't believe it!

I did the race for life in 40 mins i couldnt belive it!! If me nan was here she would be so happy for me we did the race fore life has a school and our school was happy for us to. So well do to everyone that did it :D xxx

Kirsty Mapstone Davies

Well done honey, we all proud of you so will dad be.  you are a very special person.  Also a big well done to Jade, Shirley, Heidi, Emma and Kelly.xx

My 1st Race for Life

This was my 1st race for life, weston park  18th july 2010, i have been fortunate that have no real close family suffering with cancer, but did lose  brother in law 2 yrs ago..i just felt i wanted to do this, as can happen to anyone..my daughter Claire, and grand daughter Samantha took part with me, it was brilliant, fun day as well as knowing money was going to a good cause, we will be taking part again next year in the 10k...deb h xx

In memory of George

We did Race for Life at Stafford in memory of my husband George who sadly passed away on 11/3/2010 he would have been very proud of all who helped  to raise sponsorship for such an amazing cause we really felt he was there amongst us on such a great event special thanks to Jen, Pauline and Chris who spurred me on to complete the course at such an emotional xxxx

Back to my old self

I did the race for life in  July 2008 a week later found out I had breast cancer after a year off work chemo and radiotheropy I'm back to my old self and did it again this year at Sutton Park raising £76.

We miss you all

Myself, my sisters sarah and emma, my daughter katie and my best friend karen and her daughters dani and lucinda completed the race at stafford last night me and karen completed in 48.03 minutes, the others in 45 minutes. well done to you all. The race was done for My Nan, Sally, Roy, Dorothy, and Sarah, we all miss you and love you lots, it was also for my Grandad, Terry, and Kay who is battling cancer at this moment. love you guys be strong xxxxxxxx

It was fantastic

This was my first event race for life,, i done the 5k yesterday at Stafford. It was fantastic i loved it,, even though it rained it was a swirl time the reason i done race for life is because my Nan died 11years of breast cancer and now my Grandad has prostrate Cancer and got told in April he had 3months left to live but he is still fighting and his birthday was yesterday it was amazing knowing my grandad is here now and hes not in pain which is good. But when you get through the finish line you are so proud of your self i still cant believe ive done it... so come on girls give it a go xx

We did it in an hour

My friend judy and laura did race for  life last night at stafford . we did it in an hour we did in memory of my husband Norman Sidney Allen who past away in march .he would of so proud of use all .well done to all that took part.

Chaos Fairies rule

Walked the Race for Life with my lovely friends - we were the Chaos Faeries from Rugeley. we did it in 53 minutes and two of our party did it in 1 hour 10 minutes. Despite the rain our wings held up and the Chaos Faeries rule! I was Goth Fairy :-) Rock on  Ladies

For Sidney Allen

My friend judy and laura did race for  life last night at stafford . we did it in an hour we did in memory of my husband norman  sidney allen who past away in march .he would of so proud of use all .well done to all that took part.

My wonderful girl

Just want to say a big well done to my daughter Nicola and her best mate Helen for completing Race for Life for the 2nd year running.She does it with my name on her back as i was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago but am still here to say how very proud i am of my wonderful girl,love you always mom xx

Great sense of achievement

Well done to my daugher and grand daughter, claire and samantha Davis who ran this with me Deborah Hall, very proud of them, we enjoyed it so much and felt great sense of achievement....xx

For those sadly lost

I did the race for life at Coombe Abbey on 25th July with my Mum.  This was our first time and we did it for my nan who we lost to lung cancer, my dear friend Marcelle Connell to lung cancer, my Auntie Miriam who is survivor and for me :)  I was diagosed with breast cancer in May 2009 and finished my treatment in March 2010.  I'm proud to be a survivor and thank you all from us cancer patients who are fighting, have fought and those who sadly lost xx


Couldn't have been prouder

I ran today in Weston Park with my 3 year old and 2 year old daughters. Although it took us 1 hour and 3 minutes to finish it was worth it to raise the money for cancer, after my family has been so blighted by this disease. It was a brilliant day today and my tiny girls couldn't have been prouder when they got their medals and goodie bags.

In honour of Lewis and Kaci

Today my family and I completed our first Race for Life in honour of Lewis and Kaci, and to support all those affected by cancer. Lewis sadly lost his battle and is now sleeping with the angels. Kaci has been diagnosed with Leukaemia type ALL. She has undergone treatment and is winning her race :)
Well done to Marianne, Wendy, Kayleigh, Chelsea and Kelly xxxx

For my Grandma

Hey I did race for life today for my grandma. She is fighting with lung cancer :( i love her so much

A good giggle

Welldone to fran , ann , nicci , tasha , deni , and kayla for doing the race for life welldone to you all your mum (nan) and jackie (aunty) will be so proud of all ans haveing a good giggle to welldone girls xxx joni xxx

Thanks Ben

Just wanted to say a big thankyou to my son, Ben, he came and supported us with his mate Owen, and my lovely hubby whom came and drove for us and took our piccies of the day, and ben even though u never came round the course just having you there was enough and grandad still would be very proud !! Well done Shannon my daughter whom came round with me xx Love to all, fabulous day and loved every minute of it, Tracey xx

For "Pops"

Hello all, this was my first Race4life, we did the race on 15th july 2010 at Coombe Abbey Coventry, for the 5km. We lost my dad "pops" to cancer last year 1st aug 2009, Ben Holland,. I always said we'd do the race and now every year i hope to take part. My 14 year daughter Shannon did it with me and I'm hope her grandad is has proud of her has me, she has quite afew health issues with Asthma and Eczma but walked the course with no stops which is fantastic for her...so proud shannon love you xx And for my grandad w Walter Sweet r.i.p. grandad love you xx Pops always luv yer and hope you no pain no-more, and for every1 affected by cancer good luck and god bless xxxxx Tracey xx

All the girls at Debenhams

I would like to thank all the girls at Debenehams who let me join in the Race for Life at Himley Hall. We had such a good day and to know its for a good cause is more rewarding  than the event. I would also like to thank my husband Stephen who came round with us to make sure we were hydrated and fed sweeties to keep our strength up. We are so looking forward to next year. We hope to have more bodies with us to raise more money. Thanks to everyone.

Very proud

I done the race for life on the 14/7/10 and it was my first time. i done this because a few friends have beaten cancer and it made to do the race for them, i walk the coourse in 1 hour & 28 min and i feel very proud to be part of the race and i will sign up for the next race.

My 1st Race for Life

I took part in my 1st race for life this year in memory of my Mom who passed away on may 16th 2010, after being ill for only 6 months. I have not done any running in over 20 years and I managed to do the 5k in just 30 mins. To anyone who is dealing with this awful illness, ''Keep Fighting The Fight''

An amazing day

I did race 4 life yesterday at Himley Hall with my friends Anna Kipps Lynn Matton Jenny Matton Marion & myself Louise Price we had an amazing day. I did it in memory of my nan and every other person who has lost their life to cancer.  We will be doing it again next year xxx

Together we will fight it

This was the second race for life that i took part in, last year at sandwell valley, i always vowed that when i could I would, and last year i could, I ran for my mom, dad, myself and everyone that has been touched by the disease. The Dudley course was tough, with the hills but I managed to smash last years time which I am proud of, any amount of sponsor money is gratefully received so I would encourage everyone that is able to take part in the event, even as a volunteer. God bless all that have been marked by cancer, together we will fight it. Lainey

Amazing Experience

This is my first race for life at himley in dudley it was an amazing experience us girls were good n enjoyed every moment definatly wil race for life again :D

Amazing feeling

Well my mom and I completed the 5km Himley Park Race for Life and what an amazing feeling!!!  
We we running in memory or family members and my Aunt (mom's sister) currently battling as well as the hope that one day a cure will be found!  Well worth the tired legs - 38mins! But an amazing feeling coming through the finish x
Helen Pitt

Clair Darby

My mom, my sister an me took part in for the first time last sunday! We raced in memory of my great grandad, nanny jean and grandad les and my nanny eve - who did a lot of fundraising for race for life. We really enjoyed the day, it's such a great atmosphere while your going round an reading others back signs. - we've already signed up for next yr with a group of other members from our family :) xx

My mum Julie

I would love to say a very well done to my mom julie and her best bud amanda who completed the race for life in sutton well done x x x x
Love Hayley x x x

Megan Walker

I took part in the race for life at sutton park with my sister and her mates. We did this to raise money for those who have died, suffered or who are suffering with any type of cancer.I was advised not to do thid run because recently I broke my leg and chipped my growth plate but I still did it. At the end my foot had swollen lots and it was hurting but to tell the truth I would not take back what I did. It is amazing to do this run and the atmosphere is incredible


I have just run my first race for life in Sutton Park for my step-father John, who was my best friend and sadly died on his birthday 4th Feb 2010, Also for Brendan lifelong best friend of my brother Adam who died 3 weeks ago from an agressive brain tumour. Both were so dignified till the end. Love you and miss you both loads.
Liza and family. xx

Angela Brain

I did the 10k walk in sutton park this morming with my daughter sophie and my friends claire and nina, over the last 7 years i lost both my mom and dad to cancer, mom went first 7years ago with overian cancer after a 7 month battle, then dad more resent 2 years ago with prostate and bone cancer. It is the worst thing i have ever done, watch 2 people you love slowly deteriate and then eventually pass away fron this aweful disease. to those who have lost a loved one from cancer my heart goes out to you, and to those who are fighting be strong and dont be beaten.  good luck to those who still have their race ahead and god bless to those who are fighting and r.i.p to those who have lost their fight x x x
Angela Brain

Margaret Lavender

I have taken part in my first race for life for Cancer and it will not be my last, 3 generations of us ran last night in wolverhampton Im 55, not Daughter In Law 30 and my Grand-daughter is 8. Even though our lives have been touched by Cancer, I felt so humbled by the stories that I heard from other runners.  I was a privalige and honour to have given something back.

Sara-Louise & Michelle

Sara-Louise and I completed our first Race for Life this year in Worcester, 2010. Sara in bright pink 5 inch heels and I did it in trainers, completed in 50 mins :) well done us, over £400 raised. One of the best experiences we have had, see you all next year.
Michelle And Sara-Louise


I raced yesterday in worcester in memory of my dad who i sadly lost in sept 09 he was diagnose with a stomach ulcer in june 09 and 2 weeks later was told e had primary liver cancer which then sprerad to his lungs and stomach and all other major organs my dad was a fit 70 year old man who still worked full time and it only took 3 months for this dreadful disease to take him away from us i miss him so much and think of him every minute of every day so i shall be doing this every year for him and everyone who has lost loved ones to this awful disease xx

Marie and Louisa

Marie and Louisa (mom and daughter) We did the Race for Life in Bromsgrove "three legged" in 50 minutes on the hottest day of the year - thrilled with our time. Mom and daughter joined together for 5km in the hope that this dreadful disease never parts us. We were racing in memory of a whole group of family and friends, young and old, that we have lost over the last few years to all sorts of cancer and who we miss very much. We were running for a dear friend Rosemary who was diagnosed just weeks before we ran and we are praying for her full recovery. On a brighter note we also ran in celebration of the life of our mom/nan who fought the disease and won and we are thankful everyday for the research and all the wonderful people that saved her life as we had lost dad/granddad a few years earlier. Cancer has touched our lives so much over the last few years and we hope that the £500 that we raised for our three legged effort will help others - thank you to all of our kind sponsors. It was such a moving day - all those people - all affected by the big C and all working in harmony to make a difference Well done everybody and god bless those we have lost. We had a brilliant time and would recommend it to anybody - it really is the taking part that counts.

Racers for Life

Thank you girls, you were all brilliant and I am proud to have been part of the team 'Racers for Life'. We've raised a handsome sum of money to help beat cancer, what a team we are. What shall we do next???
Love Ruth x X x

Rebecca Blakeway

I have just completed the Race for life today at Bromsgrove and it was amazing! I took part because sadly my grandad has lung cancer and my friend has non-hogkins lymphoma cancer. i love them both and want to do all i can to show them my support!

Natasha & Dianne

Natasha & Dianne did the Race for Life in 39 minutes and raised £700! Well done! It was a fantastic event xxx

Lisa, Teresa, Vicki and Millar

Lisa, Teresa, Vicki and Millar completed the course in 45 mins fast working. We done it to raise money for cancer research as many of our lives have been touched by this. Roll on next year girls, were all so proud!!

BMI Priory Hospital staff

Well done and a big thank you to the BMI Priory Hospital staff who took part and all the consultants for there generosity. we all took pat on 13th May 2010 for my daughter who targically passed away at the age of 15 years old Sept 2009. She had no symptoms and was happy and then by accident a shadow was found around her liver when she went to A&E for just a bit of pain in her shoulder and then to pass away within four weeks is not heard of. we had no time at all to absorb the shocking news as a family and she has left a big hole with us. I can truely say you dont have to have a family history or any symptoms like my daughter Zainah because she went like a dream.. thank u Nabeela, my sis, who ran with me, flo, billy, Rita, karen  laura and sarah , bernedette, Claire and everyone one else who have supported us ..I am blessed to work with such collegues at Priory Hospital .
Thanks Farah

Lauren Flanagan

Well done to lauren flanagan who ran the race in 20 minuites and has helped raise money for this very good cause. Thankyou


Well done Nicola, Doing the 12th May race for life at Cannon Hill Park. Nan would be proud of you. Love Mum,

Kristina Kara

Well done to Kristina and her friends who have raised money for a great cause. We are so very proud of you.
Mum, Dad, Gabby and Abi xxxx

Sarah Broadfield

Along with 3 friends completed the race for life on 13/5/10 at cannonhill park bham, we decided to do the race for life as last year i was told i had breast cancer my 3 friends promised to do this event with me as a surviour, which turned out to be the case and because research has played a big part in my fight we wanted to raise as much money as we could as a group. sadley for two of my friends taking part the ones mother died of cancer and the others mother inlaw has just been told she has cancer, also my uncle is terminal and his cancer has spread, so with alot of emotion and pride we completed the race for life it was a wonderful uplifting moment for all four of us, and we urge everyone to raise awarness of this illness as i dont know one family that has not been affected. and while raising awarness raise some money we need research to go on doing what they do best.

Kerry Wear

Well done kerry you have made us realy proud 25.17 well donex x x u beat your last time and raised 200.00 pounds weve lost many to cancer but also had sucess storys of recovering you make us realy proud
Love mom and dad


I took part for me,  Gail and Lynda,we are all having cancer treatment at present, cheeky Pat who, sadly, loss his fight with the disease at just 29 and anyone 'touched' by cancer in and and sadly there are a lot us. It was our first Race for Life, but we are already planning for next year!  The fun, togetherness, outfits and weather - amazing. Well done to all those taking part, in front or behind the scenes.

Michelle and Megan

Well done Michelle and Megan Lots of love
Liz and Alan and Gang.

Jemma Hill

Well done jemma hill you did us proud ran it in 32 mins.from kngs school


Well done Chrissy -I know you were 'under the weather' - but you did it.
Thanks to you, Sarah and Claire for supporting me in supporting CRUK. Huge hugs guys

Princess Nina and Premature Baby #2

Our family lives & have all been drastically changed in the last 24mths+ due to illness..  But we must "Keep the Faith" & truly believe that all will improve very, very soon!!..I am sooooo proud of you both. Well done for completing the 2010 race in just 58 minutes - beating your time last year -  & for ALL your continued efforts to raise as much support as you both can for this absolutely brilliant & most deserving cause!!..
Love you both Loads.. Lj xXx

Jodie Edwards

I took part in race for life today!, Its in memory of my step grandad, and my best friends nan, and also to have some fun and keep fit. It was an amaing experience and im deffinately signing up for next year, i cant wait for the pictures to come on tomorrow from cannon hill park.



Well done! Keep up the training and we'll sponsor you for the 10K route next year!
Sue and Dave


I took part in race for life last night because my great grandma, sister, step dad and nan all had cancer and thank god they all survived it so i really wanted to take part in the race for life for them xxx thankyou heart


I did Race for Life last night. Excellent night. Well done everyone.


WELL DONE to my gorgoeus sister Samina who did Race For life for my dad!!! We are all so proud of you!! You definately represented and are one in a million! Thanks sis You were great! WELL DONE to all who took part and I hope we raised a cracker this year for the amazing work of cancer research!
Lots of love
little sis Selina

Joanne and Kim

We did the race for life for the first time.  We both walked for Les, Kim's lovely husband who sadly this awful disease and also in memory of Joanne's brother Gerald who sadly lost his battle 4 years ago.  An amazing and emotional experience.


Well done to my buddy Ashleigh who took part last night. She did it in 31 mins and i did it in 36...woooo hooooo well done to everyone who took part xxxxxx


Did this race for life for the first time! It was amazing! The buzz i got from everyone, the organisers, the ladies running along with me, the wonderful croud, my two great supporters in the park Grant and Dave and all my supporters at home and family who couldn't be there. I will definately do it again next year! We raised a bit of money and all the efforts were more than worth it! Well done to all the ladies taking part. Race completed in 33 mins not bad for a first timer.
Cancer Research you are doing a GREAT job and I am proud of all of us that could do something to help! Much love to all those who are not among us and those who are fighting to stay among us! Ifixx

Louise Shale

I took part for the first time yesterday at Cannon Hill Park, my nan has recently been diagnosed with cancer but with other medical problems she is too poorly to undergo an operation, which otherwise may be able to help her. I respect her decision she is a brave and strong woman. I did this for my nan, also my my mum who is being treated at the moment, and for my own experience with cervical cancer cells which I had removed successfully. My 9 yr old daughter and her friend did the run too. It was a lovely evening and will be doing it next year!

Ifigenia Paraskeva

I'm so proud of Ifigenia Paraskeva for completing her first ever race for life, all that effort put in down the gym was truly worth it for all the money that you have raised for cancer research! So amazing, hope it was an amazing experience for you and just remember how many people were there, how well you done! and together what a difference you making to so many people's life's. xxxxx

Ashley Wakefield

I took part in my 1st race for life 2010 at cannon hill along with my sister and best friend, we dressed up as hawaiian girls. Sadly my grandad  passed away to cancer almost 20yrs ago this nov. not one day goes by that i dont think of him and miss him so much.. I also lost a dear friend 2yrs ago and i knew i had to do something in there memory. The atmosphere was brilliant and if im honest im still buzzing from it the only thing im questioning is why i didn't do this earlier. I was taking back by the in memory card on the back of peoples top and felt proud of me, my sister my friend and everyone who took part it certainly was and emotional time, the support was brilliant to the cheers from the croud and the laughter as we went round wen i crossed the finish line i said i did it grandad i did it for you. We are doing it again next year and cant wait.xx

Emma Ward

I did race for life for the first tym 2day n loved it..gd luck 2 every 1 takin part in race for life xx


I did the race for life in 30 minutes! It was Brilliant, Well done to everybody that took part!  xx