999 call talks mum through birth

A new mum from the Midlands has said thank you to the Ambulance worker who helped deliver her son over the phone.

31 year old Gemma Williams had her boyfriend and his mum with her in Wombourne when she was talked through her delivery by operater Jessica Parsons.

On 24th December, 39 weeks pregnant Gemma was at home having contractions and had gone upstairs to get ready to go to hospital. As she was getting changed when her waters broke.

Her boyfriend, Rob Hill, together with his parents, Darron and Tracey Hill, were at home with Gemma and immediately sprung into action, dialling 999.

Jessica Parsons, West Midlands Ambulance Service call taker said: "When I answered the 999 call at about 3.45pm, Tracey told me that Gemma was in labour and having continuous contractions. I guided Tracey through the birth and told her exactly what to do. I could hear Rob in the background giving Gemma encouragement during the labour."

She added: "I remember Tracey saying that she could see the baby’s head coming and finally after a few minutes, the baby was born. Tracey did really well and listened to everything I said. It was my third baby delivery and definitely my most memorable one! I remained on the phone with the family until the responder paramedic and ambulance arrived. At one point, new Dad, Rob, went really quiet in the background and I thought I was going to have to send another ambulance for him! Luckily he was fine, just a bit emotional as you can imagine!”

Tracey said: "I put my mobile on speakerphone and helped Gemma deliver her baby, Rob was at the head end and Darron was downstairs waiting for the ambulance. It was very stressful but luckily Jessica told me exactly what to do and was really calm. I don’t think I could have done it without her. As soon as Archie was born, Rob ran downstairs to tell Darron he was a granddad."

Gemma, Mother of four, said: "I’m so grateful to Jessica for what she did to help me that day. It wasn’t really the water birth I had planned but it all ended well in the end.  It was the best Christmas present I’ve ever had! The paramedic checked us both over to make sure we were okay, waited with us until the midwife arrived and discharged me at home."

Gemma, baby Archie, Rob, Tracey and Darron presented Jessica with flowers and a thank you card and had a tour of the Emergency Operations Centre and found out what happens behind the scenes when someone dials 999 for the ambulance service. West Midlands Ambulance service gave us these pictures to share with you.