Alcohol Awareness Week

Every minute alcohol-related problems cost the UK economy around £48,000 with more than 40 people dying every day as a result of alcohol.

As part of Alcohol Awareness Week charity Alcohol Concern are trying to highlight problems with counterfeit booze.

Recently one in five independent off licences in Staffordshire alone had counterfeit alcohol in them during a three-week trading standards operation.

the investigation was launched after reports of people's throats burning after drinking certain types of vodka.

Products initially seized were tested at the county council's own laboratory and results showed that the vodka contained high levels of methanol -which can cause vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision and in extreme cases blindness, liver damage, breathing difficulties, coma and even death.

Business owners where only legitimate alcohol was sold have welcomed the operation, which included business advice and support.

How to spot fake alcohol:

  • Spelling mistakes on the label
  • Bottles of the same product look different
  • Bottles not filled to same level
  • Label not straight
  • Smell of nail varnish