Baby Blog: Chapter 2



After crying and puking my way though the first 3 months, I feel like a fat butterfly emerging from a cocoon into the second part of this adventure.

I’m sure weeks 13- 27 will include their own challenges.  Read on to find out and don’t forget you can get in touch at any time, just fill in the form at the bottom of the page.  I’d love to hear from you. X

25th April

Even my fat clothes are getting too tight.

I’ve exhausted all options in my wardrobe, even my fat day jeans and leggings are pinching now and I think it’s time I started thinking maternity wear. I always knew I’d never be one of those girls that get to wear their favourite skinny jeans for 8 and a half months before moaning that they can no longer do their top button up. Any fashion tips would be welcome. X

28th April

Panicking a bit now about cash flow…

I read today that a newborn costs about 4 grand in their first year and it’s terrified me as I’m not sure we’ll be able to afford everything that our little one needs, especially with me on maternity pay. Rather than panic though girls I have decided to take matters into my own hands and find out some top tips for us from a family financial expert.

My favourite tip of her's is to consider buying top brands because you can often get good money for them when you sell them second-hand. I don't need asking twice to buy designer! Click here to read more of her great advice.

29th April

14 weeks pregnant.

I feel like we are still at the start of this adventure but we are a good third of the way through.

The Pearice is now about 3 and a half inches long and weighs just 1 ounce. It’s apparently developing fingerprints and eyebrows (boy or girl I really hope it gets its brows from me – I don’t want it to have a mono-brow like my hubby.) X

30th April

Fantastic freebies from my lovely sister-in-law…

I’m so chuffed! My nephew's beautiful mum has offered to share loads of hand knitted cardies with me. They literally melt your heart they’re so small. It saves me raiding the charity shops for them as I don’t have any knitters on speed dial. I am being a bit superstitious though and asking her to look after them until we’re a bit further gone. X

3rd May

Bank holiday pram shopping – it’s a mine field!

Are the tyres right for rough terrain? Will it fit in the boot of my Fiesta? Can the baby face me? Why are we not taught this stuff earlier? There is so much to consider! The up-side is that my husband is very interested in the whole process. If like me you are totally clueless check out this video we've created: I roped in a few friends from the Heart Breakfast team to help me put a couple of leading buggies through their paces. X


4th May

I have bitten the bullet and brought my first pair of maternity jeans – they come right over my bump and are actually really comfy. I’ve had to hang up my skinny jeans but be sure of one thing: I definitely won’t be investing in dungarees. A friend of mine said she kept getting caught short in hers because she couldn’t get to them off quick enough. X

5th May

My bump is public property.

I’m quite a touchy feely person so it’s not making my skin crawl but friends and family, colleagues and even randoms seem to be grabbing my belly like its public property. I quite like the fact that they can now tell there’s a little one in there but I can understand why some women feel the need to invest in t-shirts reading “hands off.” X

6th May

15 weeks pregnant.

The Pearice is the size of a Kitkat finger now – about 4 inches long and sometimes gets the hiccups which apparently I might be able to feel. It’s also making tiny taste buds. Even though all this is music to my ears and Thursdays are as you know update days and my favourite days of the week, still I cant quite explain why I feel a bit teary. X

May 8th

This seems a bit crazy even to me but I’m told it’s quite common for couples facing the biggest upheaval of their lives (starting a family) to also put themselves through one of the most stressful processes on the planet – with that in mind we are moving house! Well we are trying to. Our house is going on the market for two months and if it sells we will look to move to a less draughty place nearer to family.

Let me know if you have any advice. I have a feeling I’m going to need it. There’s a 'Contact Me' form at the bottom of the page. X

May 9th

Wedding Bells

Not mine – I’m already hitched. Our Heart Breakfast Producer Kelly Jamison is saying “I do” to the love of her life PJ Ellis, yes the one from Big Brother. She looked fantastic in 50s style wedding dress.  It was a lovely evening and I get the sneaky feeling that I’m not going to be the only newlywed starting a family in our office. Kelly’s made no secret of the fact that she is really excited about the prospect of becoming a Mum. Congrats again Kel and PJ. X

May 10th

Wedding dress tears.

Maybe it was seeing Kelly looking so fab in her dress yesterday… but I collected mine from the dry cleaners and they’d lost one of the beads from the neckline. I’m sure its my hormones but I couldn’t hold back the tears. I was sobbing to the poor manager about how I really wanted to pass it on to my daughter if I ended up having a girl. I think the lady was a bit taken aback and says that they will write to Alice Temperly and get it mended. Fingers crossed. X

May 11th

Am I boring you?

I feel like all I can think about is baby stuff. My gorgeous skinny single friends must be getting fed up with me going on. Note to self – keep baby nonsense to a minimum. X

May 12th

bumpometer Some days I feel more pregnant than others and today is a jelly belly day and I feel a bit of a fraud. I’m also having major indecisions when it comes to food.

I just can’t work out what I fancy which is very bizarre because I love cooking.

To help monitor the progress of the Pearice one of my best friends has created this bumpometer for me, I have to draw around my tum every few weeks. X



May 13th

16 weeks.

The Pearice is the size of an avocado and has apparently started pulling faces in my tummy. According to the experts it can now squint, yawn and grimace and has wrinkly skin like a little old man – I’m thinking Benjamin Button. Also I had a nosebleed last night and it worried me a bit, but apparently it’s quite common. I get my blood pressure checked by the midwife in a few days anyway. X

May 14th 

heart awards picture Last night we went out for a glamorous works do – my lovely colleague in the news team was nominated for a media award so it was a fab excuse to dress up. I just about manage to squeeze into an old dress but I couldn't wait to get my PJs on at the end of the night. I think next time I will definitely have to opt for something specifically maternity. X

May 18th

Midwife today!

What a nice surprise I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and it sounded lovely and strong. Everything else seemed on track. I also got the number for some pregnancy yoga classes.

Click here to have a listen to the little one.X

May 20th

17 weeks

As I am packing on the pounds so is the little one. It's now apparently the size of a jacket potato and its sense of hearing is developing and its skeleton is starting to harden. X

May 21st

The Baby Show,

I felt a bit of a fraud with my modest bump, being surrounded by big bumps and buggies. As soon as you arrived at the arena you knew that something was going on – I've never seen so many pregnant women on a shuttle bus. It was hilarious as everyone was looking at each other's tummy to see who was most deserving of a seat. It was like there needed to be a Hole in the Wall style cut-out and if you could still fit through it - well, you had to stand! I found the show a bit overwhelming but luckily I’d taken a more experienced Mum with me to make sense of it all. X

May 23rd

Race for Life Bromsgrove Race for Life.

It’s 27 degrees and I am off to Bromsgrove to present a Race for Life event in front of thousands of women all looking fabulous in pink. I ran 5k last year as part of the Heart team.  Not being a natural athlete I had to train for it so this year I thought it would be better to volunteer by taking to the stage. I was put to shame though as one of the last ladies across the line was 8 months pregnant pushing a buggy! Big massive well done if you were taking part. X

May 27th

18 weeks and the size of a grapefruit.

I’ve officially begun my fifth month of pregnancy. The baby can hear my heartbeat and voice and is about 12cm from bum to head. My womb is apparently now the size of a melon and I should have put on about 10 or 12 pounds. It feels more like 2 stone!

If the baby can hear me, I must watch my p’s and q’s. X

May 28th

What is the mock-tail version of a Cosmopolitan?

It’s the Sex and the City Premiere and I’ve got a ticket to a red carpet event but what do I wear?????

Well. . .  never the shrinking violet I opted for a floaty frilly number which I affectionately like to name my Christmas tree dress. It’s a nude colour rather than green but it's sort of a tree shape. Anyway, it works.  I feel fab  And you can't even tell I'm carrying. I dare to wear my heels and do feel a bit conscious about falling over – they say your centre of gravity moves with the addition of your bump so I’ll definitely be tottering. Oh and the invite was for champagne and cupcakes – I think I'll be having two cakes and an orange juice. X

May 31st

I brought some belly hugging leggings today which come up to my armpits. I was getting so fed up with all my non-maternity ones falling down. X

June 3rd

19 weeks and 6 inches long!

Apparently the Pearice’s brain is developing areas for smell, taste and vision and it's started growing hair on its head. I have noticed that I've been getting a bit of backache but that’s apparently normal as your bump gets higher and your ligaments stretch. X

June 4th 

It looks like we really might be moving house! I never truly expected to sell in just a month or two but we have accepted an offer on our home and now have to look for somewhere a bit more family-friendly to move to. I’m desperately trying not to get too emotional about the whole thing, but it’s already getting heated – my poor husband. X 

June 7th

I am definitely convinced now that I can feel the baby move. At first I thought it was just bubbles of air but now I’m sure its little flutters. It feels strange, a sort of swirly feeling like butterflies. I love the idea that the Pearice is getting strong enough to cause a stir. X 

June 10th

Halfway Baked.

20 weeks down and 20 weeks to go. The Pearice apparently has its own sleeping pattern now. I have noticed it gets lively as soon as I lie down either at bed time or in the morning, I think its a sign of things to come! It’s now the size of a can of Red Bull - which is another thing I can't have at the moment. X

June 15th

I read somewhere that it's good to get a book and read to your bump, then when it's born it may even recognise it and it can become their favourite. So choose wisely if your going to have a go at this. I bought the Gruffalo and I keep trying to get my hubby to read it to my belly but he says he feels daft. In the end we compromise and he gives my tum a full sports update instead. Still at least it might help the little one get used to its Dad’s voice. X

June 21st

21 weeks gone and time is flying-by now. I’ve found that I’ve sort of got used to being pregnant and because I'm not really suffering at the moment, my brain has been a bit free to think no baby thoughts which is making the weeks fly by. This week's update suggests that the Pearice is now about 7 inches long and is acting more like a baby, sucking its thumb and yawning. Bless. X

June 19th

I think my baby likes bananas. Every time I eat one I can feel it wiggle afterwards. Im generally noticing a lot more movements this week. X

June 22ndPearice 20 week scan

20 week scan – well ok so it’s a bit late. It’s a family affair.  Kev and I both take our mums along to the hospital to have a look at the Pearice, we weren’t sure if they’d be allowed in with us but the nurse is lovely and says they can as long as everyone is quiet. I cant believe how much the baby has changed, you can really see its little pointy nose and its toes. After much debate we decide not to find out if it’s a boy or a girl and agree that perhaps there aren’t enough true surprises in life. X

June 24th

22 weeks pregnant today. The Pearice’s hair is currently white, now that doesn’t mean it is going to be a natural blonde. It’s also starting to pile on the weight and is nearly one whole pound! That’s about the weight of 3 apples! Also it is starting to develop taste buds so I may have to lay off the Madras and opt for a Korma. X

June 25th

Maxi dresses are the best-est.

I invest in another couple. They are so comfy, skim the lumps and bumps and are bang on trend. Perfect! X

June 29th

Midwife again. I was excited before my appointment about the prospect of hearing the heartbeat again and jumped on the bed with my T-shirt rolled up. It felt like an hour, but it was just a tense few minutes while she prodded me to try and find it and then relief – there it was. This time I record it and send it to my hubby who is working away as he hasn’t heard it yet. X

July 1st

23 weeks pregnant. This is a bit of a turning point I'm told, where the baby starts to pile on the weight. Apparently, in just a few weeks it will double to two pounds.

July 2nd

Now this might seem quick to you but I have spared you some of the details of trawling Rightmove and phoning estate agents, but today we had an offer accepted on a house so it looks like we really really might be moving before this baby is born. It's brand new and has a lovely sunny garden so we can literally move in and have a baby. I am now just keeping everything crossed that the sale goes through. My pregnancy did prove valuable during negotiations too as the builder wanted to think about our offer over the weekend. I told the agent that I was expecting and really wasn’t looking forward to a sleepless weekend – and bless him he called back straight away to say it was ours! X

July 4th

Had a brilliant day out with the in-laws at the Black Country Museum. The Pearice kicked its Nan for the first time while on a canal boat going through a tunnel. The whole trip was worth it just for the amazing fish and chips! X

July 5th

Our worst row ever! Hormones and house buying stress do not mix. I’m not sure if it’s being newly-married, pregnant or buying and selling houses but as a mixture I do not recommend it. Luckily we make-up afterwards but I'm pretty sure our neighbours will be pleased to see the Sold board go up after all the shouting. X

July 7th

I keep slapping on the lotion and the oil as I have become a bit paranoid this week about stretch marks. I have been told that it's in your genes and you either get them or not but I’m not taking any chances. I go to bed like a greased Chippendale. X

July 8th 

I’m really excited today about the prospect of meeting the little one. I'm exactly 24 weeks gone now. The baby is apparently putting on about half a pound a week at the moment. Its eyelashes are growing and its hearing is getting more acute so I am doing my best to talk to it every day. X

July 9th

I woke up in the middle of the night with leg cramp which was a bit scary. It only lasted a few minutes but it scared me a little. So, after doing a bit of research I have decided to have a yoghurt for pudding every night. This may not be scientific fact so don’t take my word for it but I have been told that cramps can be down to a lack of calcium. Really I just love black cherry yoghurts at the moment. X

July 12th

Early start at work this morning which is a bit daunting because I really didn’t want to sleep through my 4am alarm. As nature has it though I get up at 3 for the loo and decide it’s safer to shower and have some breakfast rather than nodding off again. I’m now more convinced than ever that the reason you have to go to the loo three times a night is to get your body ready for those night time feeds. I have got a quick question about that - if you're on maternity leave, is it still fair to get your hubby to do the odd night feed or do you - as the now non-worker - have to do every one with a smile on your face? Get in touch via the feedback form at the bottom of the page. X

 July 13th

People keep asking me about my cravings but I don’t really have any interesting ones. I dashed to the shop for a jar of peanut butter the other day. I am seriously thinking of making something up because they always look so disappointed when I say my only craving has been fruit. X

July 15th

25 weeks pregnant and I can finally go shopping.

My other half rather sensibly came up with this un-written rule that I wasn’t allowed to hit the shops until we were 25 weeks gone and so far I’ve played along nicely although not knowing if the baby is pink or blue has helped keep a curb on my spending because there are so many pretty dresses out there! Anyway, as we may be moving there is no point in buying nursery furniture now so I will have to settle with a few neutral baby-grows. It’s so confusing though! Do you buy newborn, early baby, 0-3months?

Oh.. and the Pearice is now 35cm’s from its crown to its heel and weighs about a pound and a half. X

July 22nd

I’ve had a bit of a quiet week, mostly stressing about moving. I know it's not good for me or the little one so have been trying to take extra care of myself. Anyway we're now at 26 weeks and the Pearice is apparently 36 cm long from head to toe. Its eyes are beginning to open and it's responding better to sound. Apparently that means it can hear us chatting let alone arguing! Baby is also practising breathing. X

July 24th

We have been invited to a fabulous party which is likely to last into the small hours and turn into a mini-festival with everyone camping. Although I am a huge fan of the great outdoors and genuinely feel well enough to spend the night on an airbed. I decide the prospect of camping next to my drunk husband stone cold sober with at least 3 torch lit trips to the ladies is more than I can bear so we go along as day guests. It’s still a really great party. X

July 26th

Fake Take That

As Robbie Williams has announced he’s rejoining Take That our guys on the Breakfast Show have been auditioning for a Robbie impersonator to join Take That UK, the tribute band. Well what can I say? Baby and I already have something in common – we both love Take That. It was really wriggling during their set at Heart, check it out for yourself. X

July 27th

I had a bit of a bad appointment with the midwife today and it's really got me worried. Every check-up and scan so far has been so positive it really knocked me sideways when she said she was worried that my bump might be a bit small. She is going to get me back in a few weeks to measure it properly so fingers crossed.

On a positive note she gives me the government form to claim my healthy pregnancy grant, hopefully that might go some way towards the extortionate smoothie bills. X


July 28th

After panicking about the bump being small, today’s news headlines were all about the dangers of pregnant women becoming obese. I don’t know what is best! I think I’m going to keep eating sensibly but with the odd treat. X

 July 29th

27 weeks pregnant

Some experts think the baby can now dream, which is a really sweet idea. It can open and close its eyes and it sleeps at set times too. Fingers crossed he or she now weighs an impressive 2 pounds! X

1st August

Our 6 month anniversary.

It’s crazy to think that we have actually only been married for about 4 days without being pregnant. But we have a lovely night at home to celebrate our half-year anniversary and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We make fish pie and watch Valentines Day on DVD with ice cream. Naturally, being a hormonal mess I cry a bit at the end but it was a lovely night. X

2nd August

I get a call from the Midwife…

Do you remember me saying that she was a bit worried about the size of my bump well she called this morning to ask me to come in so she could measure me again. She said she’d been thinking about me and didn’t want to wait two weeks just in case there was anything wrong. She said that if she has concerns on Wednesday she would try and get me in for a scan. Keeping everything crossed that the Pearice is ok! X

3rd August

PM David Cameron Still really worried about my midwife appointment tomorrow but the Prime Minister is coming to town to talk to Heart listeners so I am so busy I don’t have time to think about it too much. Thanks Dave!  Perfect timing as I really needed the distraction today. X

4th August

12.45 is my appointment, and luckily the bump is spot-on in size when the midwife goes to measure it again! I don’t need to see her now for a few weeks. Phew. I can now take my heart out of my mouth. I practically skip in to work!

What a great way to end my second trimester which otherwise really has been a pleasure. X