Birmingham Airport re-opens

Birmingham Airport website notice:

Following an incident at Birmingham Airport on Friday afternoon, the airport is now open with flights arriving and departing.

Passengers are advised to check with their airline as some flights may be subject to delay or cancellation. For flights that are confirmed to depart today, check-in is open as normal.

The website will be updated as soon as further information becomes available.

Please use this link for the very latest information

A donor liver rescued from the burning wreckage of the plane which crashed has been successfully transplanted.

Two men on board the light aircraft were injured, one critically, when the plane crash-landed on the tarmac in foggy conditions yesterday.

West Midlands Police said the donor organ was transported to the nearby Queen Elizabeth Hospital, despite the wreckage of the stricken Cessna catching fire.

A police spokesman said: "We were able very quickly - with the transplant service - to escort the ambulance from here to the hospital the organ was going to."

It is believed that the transplant operation went ahead shortly after the liver arrived.

Statement from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham


A spokesperson for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham said: "A successful liver transplant for carried out last night at the QEHB. The recipient is stable, as would be expected at this time. Due to patient confidentiality no more details about the patient will be released.

"This was the sixth liver transplant in five days at the QEHB. The operation took under four hours and was carried out by three surgeons, an anaesthetist, a scrub nurse and a team of skilled theatre staff.

"The Transplant Team would like to thank the pilot of the light aircraft and his colleague for their bravery. Our thoughts are with the individuals and their families.

"The team would also like to thank the quick-thinking of the fire and rescue teams at the scene who saved the organ."