Birmingham Airport open

There's still lots of disruption to flights in the Midlands after airports across the country were shut for days due to the volcanic ash in the air.

All passengers are advised to check with their AIRLINE before travelling.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FOC) have created a helpline for people who have relatives stranded abroad:

0207 008 0000  

Volcano CloudClaiming, Insurance, compensation?!?:

Compensation is going to be dealt with on a case by case basis. The main advice from Travel insurance experts at is:

  • Contact Airline provider - they can advise on flight cancellelations and whether you can get a refund
  • Tour Operator - if you've booked a package holiday - to see what refund you can get - they may not cover everything.
  • Contact travel Insurance Provider - give all the information you have and they'll tell you what cover you're entitled to