Birmingham Chamber Of Commerce Welcome New Primark Store

13 July 2014, 12:59 | Updated: 14 July 2014, 11:16

Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce think plans for Primark to open one of their biggest stores in Europe in Birmingham will help to tackle unemployment in the city.

The discount retailer are planning to open the new store at the Pavillions Shopping Centre by 2015 creating 450 new jobs.

John Lamb from the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce told Heart it's really pleasing that they've chosen Birmingham.

He said: "It's tremendous news for the city and really does underline the importance of Birmingham as an across the board retail destination.

"It is a statement by Primark that they think that Birmingham is the place to open their biggest store in Europe.

"You've only got to look at the numbers in the existing store to see how popular it is and it really does add to Birmingham's broad range of offers as a retail destination.

"It's absolutely critical because unemployment in this area is at a very high level, it is improving slightly, but of course the actual creation of this new store will create jobs in itself."

This week Primark also announced its sales had gone up by more than a fifth over the past three months.

They put that down to the recent warm weather helping them with a boost in sales.

The company already operates 275 stores in the UK and Europe and plans to expand into the U.S.