Birmingham city council face more cuts

Parents of vulnerable and disabled children in Birmingham are rallying on Monday the 17th of October outside a centre they use which is threatened with closure.

It's after the city council announced plans on Tuesday the 11th of October that they plan to cut a further 1,200 jobs affecting children's services.

Sarah's son goes to Charles House in West Heath where they're protesting over the plans...'I'm in complete shock, as I'm sure all the other parents feels like a brick wall's come straight up on your face"

"I just don't know what we'll do without them, why these children, why this service?'s not about money, it's about families, being able to cope, who want to know they have a future - families will fall apart because of this"

"The people who've decided to do this can have no idea of what they're doing, they couldn't possibly or they wouldn't do it"

A consultation's begun on Birmingham City Council's 2012-13 budget as the authority tries to make savings of £65m to help reduce the national deficit.

The job cuts, are expected to come into effect in 2012-13 on top of the 2,450 jobs cut in 2011-12.

The proposed cuts will hit departments including Adults and Communities and Children, Young People and Families.

Councillor Randal Brew, cabinet member for finance, said the council wants to protect front line services.

"No decisions have been taken yet regarding the expenditure - we genuinly want your opinions by creating a range of public meetings - please join in - It is your city and your future."

The Unison Union are against the cuts and say more people out of work means more benefits we'll have to pay.

As part of the consultation a series of public meetings will be held around the city and residents will also be able to submit their views online.

The public consultation will close on 8 January 2012 with the proposed budget due to be submitted to cabinet on 13 February before it is put before the full council for ratification on the 28th of February.