Birmingham Doctor: World Cup Could Affect Exam Results

A sleep expert from Heartlands hospital has told Heart that children's education could be harmed, if parents let them stay up too late to watch the world cup.

Lots of the games kick off late because of the time difference between here and Brazil, luckily England's first game, an 11pm kick off with Italy falls on a Saturday night.

But with some games not starting till 2am, Dr Neil Thomas says it could have implications, especially for teenagers doing their GCSE's.

He said ' Basically not getting enough sleep effects your ability to concentrate and learn, as well as your ability to recall information. Once you get tired it really impacts on those. So a few late nights in the run up to an exam could be really bad. I'd say to teenagers, your exams effect the rest of your life and there will be more World Cups. Having a lie in wont necessarily help, as you are still disrupting your sleep patterns.