Breastfeeding Advice

It's claimed two out of five new mums in Birmingham are confused when it comes to breastfeeding.

A new study has found that most worry about their babies getting enough milk and wished they'd had more advice.

This was not good news to Vicki Scott who is a midwife and a mum and is shocked that the study revealed less than half of new mums felt they could turn to their midwife for advice.

Experts top tips...

Have some confidence in your body. If you can grow a lovely baby you can do the next bit too and feed them with the most natural baby food.

She told Heart that the main benefit of breast feeding is the health of your baby, there is nothing better for boosting their immune system and giving them a great start. She believed that it makes your baby less likely to get coughs and colds and colic, some of the things that make them more difficult to look after.

On a more selfish note it is more convenient with sanitised milk on tap 24/7at the perfect temperature making it easier to feed your baby with less baggage. You never run out of breast milk and it’s free.

Breastfeeding also burns around 500 calories a day which is great for helping mum shift her extra baby weight. That’s the equivalent of about an hour on the treadmill.

Vicki says "I enjoyed spending an hour on the sofa feeding my baby, and I saw that as my job for the first six months and it’s fantastic for bonding with them.”