Cameron Opens Free School In Birmingham

3 September 2013, 17:12 | Updated: 4 September 2013, 12:34

The Prime Minister officially launched Perry Beeches III in the city centre to help stuggling families

David Cameron launched one of five new free schools in the West Midlands on Tuesday the 3rd of September

The Prime Minister was at Perry Beeches III in Birmingham City centre on Bath Row which has been created for struggling parents who can't afford to send their children to school.

He told Heart: ''The evidence will be, do parents choose these schools and they are, are the results good, and they are, and are they raising standards overall and they are, so I think it's a great success story and one to celebrate''

Prime Minister opens Perry Beeches   Prime Minister opens Perry Beeches   Cameron opens Perry Beeches

Head Teacher of all the Perry Beeches schools Liam Nolan told Heart ''We have parents and all sorts of members of families working at Perry Beeches schools''

''Ofcourse it affects the curriculum, because we're able to close in on things like numeracy and literacy and the need of the individual children''