Celeb mum Angela Griffin

Actress Angela Griffin is a TV favourite and a mum of two and she's been telling Heart about balancing a busy working life with being a mum to two beautiful girls, Tallulah aged 6 and Melissa aged 3.

She says the hardest part of her day is not getting celebrities to open up on the couch of her TV show or learning her lines for shows like Waterloo Road but is in fact getting her daughters to clean their teeth properly.

She keeps an egg timer in the bathroom to get them to brush for two minutes without stopping and uses stories of the tooth fairy to keep her girls from chatting during the bedtime ordeal.

She says her ambition since the age of five was always to be an actress, even though her mum worked as a secretary and her dad worked in the markets. Now her daughters also want to be on the stage and despite her success Angela would much prefer her little girls to be lawyers or architects when they grow up.

Her top tip for new mums is to get a breast pump. She says it was the best piece of equipment she brought as it meant she could be smug and breastfeed but at the same time she could still go out and have a few glasses of wine with the girls. She also added that the best piece of advice she'd ever been given was actually to ignore all the advice as no one knows your baby like you do. 

Click here to listen to Heart's full interview with Angela and to find out who in her house wears the trousers and who's in charge of getting the dinner on.