Halloween in the West Midlands

Police in some parts of the West Midlands say they're upping patrols for Halloween so they can keep a lid on anti social behaviour.

Thousands of people are expected to be out trick or treating, with most just having a bit of fun. Police say that is fine, but they wont put up with anything that crosses the line.

Superintendent Angela Whitaker, from West Midlands Police, said: "Although we encourage the region's young people to enjoy themselves it is our primary concern that they stay safe and consider the impact of their behaviour on others.

"Elderly people can feel particularly vulnerable this time of year when strangers knock on their door or cause disruption. What a young person may consider to be harmless fun can be very frightening to someone who already feels vulnerable.

"We would like the region's young people to think about their actions and show some respect and consideration when trick or treating."

You can download a poster to put on your door and tell trick or treaters not to bother you by clicking HERE.

Meanwhile, operators of a Ghost Tour say the rising popularity of Halloween is seeing a big boost in business for them. One of their guides Ian Braisby told Heart 'Winter is always busier, darker nights have more atmosphere than a summer evening, but we are especially busy around Halloween. You can listen to a short tour round one of Birmingham's most haunted spots with Ian below.