Coventry Student with Meningitis Warning

A Coventry student who survived meningitis twice, within 5 months, is urging other young people to look out for each other.

23 year old David Coppin is back Meningitis awareness week and a survey of 14-24 year olds to see how much they know about the illness. 

The campaign aims to highlight that young people are especially susceptible to the disease, especially if they are retuning to college or uni. Winter also sees a big increase in cases. 

David was studying sports management when he collapsed in a student house in 2009. Luckily his mum was visiting and called an ambulance.

He spent a week in a coma in hospital and lost a stone and a half but was able to make a speedy recovery.

Just 5 months later he contracted the disease again, but luckily his flat mates were aware of the signs and insisted he went to hospital.

David said: 'I felt very vulnerable, the ordeal has taught me to appreciate life. With meningitis you don't have control of your limbs and everything becomes a struggle. When I first developed symptoms I thought it was just a bug, I am really lucky to have recovered from the disease twice. It was against all odds, and I'm grateful to everyone who helped me get well.'